The Different Types of Public Relations

February 26, 2013

Choosing the perfect public relations company to look after your businesses image and reputation in the public realm can be an incredibly tricky and confusing. It’s important that you understand the various types of public relations when making your final decision; not only will this ensure that your business is in the right hands for your PR aim, but it will also ensure that no money is lost while trying to find the correct process.

When searching for a PR company in Cape Town, consider the following different types of PR:

Media relations: this is traditional PR and makes use of the media to communicate your brand to the public. It is the process of spreading information via television, the internet, radio and in newspapers. In order to maintain integrity and provide credibility, many media outlets refuse to accept payment for this; the secret is to have an interesting story that they would cover naturally. Business history, tradition, quirks and customers are taken into consideration.

Media Tours: This requires a larger budget and is essentially the hiring of a company spokesperson to travel around during interviews and attend events. For a small business this might not be the best form of PR as it requires a larger budget, however for large companies it can be incredibly effective and is a great way to publicise a business.

Newsletters: start collecting email addresses for customers and potential clients and build a data base. A newsletter is a great way of keeping people up to date and in the loop on your latest events, achievements and plans. A fun, light hearted and newsworthy letter is essential.

Special Events: These can be anything to a market day, consumer appreciation day, running a discount or hiring a band. They are used to target a group of people who you want to speak to within a location that you can utilise creatively and effectively.

While these are just a few of the many different types of PR out there, they are the most common and traditional forms of getting a company out there and ensuring that the public are informed about its most recent news and achievements. Take the above types into consideration when visiting various PR companies and ensure that you keep them close to heart when handing over your hard earned cash – they’ll help you in ensuring that your company’s best interests are always looked after and will give you a heads up to what your Cape Town PR company could be up to.

Original Source: Splash PR


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